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LA Mom (Los Angeles, CA) Great Journal for Neurotic First Time Moms. When I was the in the hospital after giving birth to my daughter, I was asked to record all of newborn's feedings and diaper changes on a log. I was so sleep deprived that I wouldn’t have been able to answer the nurses' and doctors' questions without it. When I got home I continued to record my baby's feedings, diaper changes and naps in this journal. I keep it on the night stand next to my glider in the nursery and pack it in my diaper bag whenever I'm on the go. It's pretty small and the cover is very durable. You don't have to spend any energy remembering when you last fed or changed you baby because it's all in the journal. It takes a commitment to keep this up, but I think it is well worth it. It has helped me to identify my baby's natural eating and sleeping patterns, so I was able to easily establish a routine for my baby at 4 weeks. Although she has veered off of it from time to time, she has been following it pretty consistently for the most part. She even started sleeping through the night at 6-7 weeks. Also, my baby had a vommitting problem for a while and I used the notes section on the back of each page to record what I ate to help identify "problem" foods. I don't know what I would do without it!

New mom (Denver, CO) This book has been a lifesaver. My first baby, now 10 days old, is a sleepy eater. We've had to supplement with pumped milk, and are now trying to wean her to just the breast. This journal has proved essential for keeping track of all feedings, and the results (poop!) so we can be sure she is well hydrated and fed. I just ordered two more for girlfriends who are due in a few months. I would recommend this for all new moms, especially those trying to figure out breastfeeding.

Mandy (Daytona Beach, FL) I have gone through 2 books now. Has everything you need to note about your baby. Easy to travel with and not take up lots of space on the counter top. Since using many of my friends have purchased and love it too. It is hard to remember the last time your baby ate, napped, etc.. especially in the firt few months - this book is a lifesaver with that!

Britney B. (Birmingham, AL) My little sister gave it to me as a present when she found out that I was pregnant. At first, I thought it was a joke, because everyone always says, "Once you have a baby, all you'll talk about it how much the baby poops, sleeps and eats." But since the birth of my son, I have been loving the journal. It really helps keep track of all the items that our pediatrician asked about-if there was something wrong with the baby. Also, using it is quite reassuring that breast-feeding was going well in those first two months. Many of my friends with infants used sheets of paper to keep track of these very items, and when they see the journal, they are green with envy. I will have a complete journal of my first few months, even the nights with little sleep, because I am using the notes pages to keep a diary of our first couple of months. The next baby shower I go to, I plan on giving it to the expectant mother. Hopefully, she will love it as much as I have."

Kathi P. (New York, NY) I just love this journal. It saves new parents lives!! I buy it for all of my friends for a shower gift. They laugh (since it says poop) when they get it and give a polite thanks. It is only after they actually have the baby that they pull me a side and say they can't believe how the journal has become their bible. I don't know how you get through the first 3 months without one!!!"

C. Logan (Arcadia, CA) I received this product as a baby gift when my daughter was first born. Over the first four months, we filled up the book and it helped reassure me that nursing efforts were going well. I just purchased two more books to help me keep track of her days now that I will be returning to work.

Danielle (New York, NY) I bought this journal on a whim for my sister, who has a two year old and an infant. She's super organized, but with two children under the age of 2, she was struggling to keep track of all the details of the newest addition. The journal was a made her life so much easier, especially with family members helping to care for the newborn. Now we can all keep track of the baby's essential info in one place, rather than worrying about charts and lists passed from one person to the next. It's such a simple tool, yet it made an overwhelming situation so much easier. I just bought another one for a friend of mine who had a baby. This will definitely be a must-have for all baby showers moving forward.

Alyson (Fairfield, CT) This journal was so useful. My girlfriend gave it to me when I was pregnant. I thought it was adorable, but wondered how much I would use it -- well it saved my sanity for the first 8 weeks after my baby was born. The book was great, not only did it allow me keep track of how much and how often my son was feeding, it also allowed me to write down "to do's" on the back pages. It was so handy, especially at 3am when I would awake and could not remember what side he feed on last. A couple of my girlfriends are pregnant with their first or second child and you can bet that I will be purchasing this journal for them as well.

NYC (New York, NY) Huge Help. Our son was born early and this journal was a huge lifesaver! We were able to keep detailed track of feedings (including volume), bowel movements and wet diapers at a time where we were overwhelmed with making sure he was meeting all the requirements of those categories. We would bring it to his pediatrician as well and she was very impressed and thanked us for making it easier for her to track his well-being. Definitely worth it.

K. Wolfe (Long Island, NY) Everyone Should Register For This! This journal was the best gift I got! While I believed that breastfeeding was going to be easy because it is natural, I was completely mistaken. There is so much information you need to record when breastfeeding: how long, which side, how often, when the baby peed, pooped or how many hours she/he slept in between - that it becomes impossible to remember. Especially on little sleep and when the days seem to run into one another. On top of that I have medical issues that forced me to supplement and pump a lot, so this record keeper proved to be worth its weight in GOLD! And if you are lucky enough to have a partner who helps you with feedings and changings, they needn't wake you to ask when the last feeding was or how much the baby got, because it's right there in the Eat, Sleep & Poop Journal. For anyone who thinks this journal is only for neurotic new moms, you must not have visited a pediatrician lately. They ask you for all this information to determine how your baby is thriving. It really is a lifesaver!

Jersey (New Jersey) A new (or not so new) mom must-have!!! Seriously. Whether this is your first baby or your fourteenth, this little book is an absolute essential if you have a newborn. My daughter is 6 months old already and I have used this journal since the day she was born. It has helped me to keep track of her ever changing (you guessed it...) eat, sleep , poop patterns and keep all of her growth and immunization info. on record and more importantly, all in the same place! I received it as a gift and now I give it as a gift. And someday I will gift it to my daughter when she is grown so that she can get some insight into her life as an infant.

J. Morrison (Warwick, NY) Essential for the scatterbrained new mom! I am not an organized gal. Even on my best day, so imagine my frazzledom as a new mom, with a severely colic babe. I was a mess, I had sore boobs and no sleep and couldn't even find my own shadow. It was important for me to keep track though, and this journal helped me do became my only constant in the storm. I am not a "day planner" girl, I'm arty and messy, so when I received this at my baby shower my first thought was, yeah, I might use this, though I LOVED the name! Fortunately, it was extremely intuitive and not at all intimidating. Those first few months seemed like a hazy dream but the journal proves I was really there...and doing a good job.

Gail Lee (Seattle, WA) Best journal ever. Got this journal as a gift and have given it to over 10 of my friends. It is a fantastic way to keep track of things especially when things are such a blur at the beginning. I love it and think every new mom should have one.

S. Haskins (Washington, DC) This book is very helpful, especially for newborns who are not on a schedule just yet. It helps you keep track of how many feedings, poo's & wets, and how much rest the baby is getting each day. It's very handy for your babysitter as well. They can also easily jot down the baby's progress each day, and for your spouse they can do the same. It helps to keep my husband and I up-to-date so we won't overfeed the baby or forget to change him.